Latin American Meeting of Women and Community Involvement: New Challenges

28 Apr

JDC, together with CLAM (Confederación Latinoamericana Macabi / Latin American Maccabi Confederation), organized “Encuentro Latinoamericano Mujeres y Participación Comunitaria: Nuevos Desafíos” (Latin American Meeting of Women and Community Involvement: New Challenges) that was held in Buenos Aires from April 28th to 30th, 2017, attended by 30 women of seven countries (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela).

The main objective was to promote women’s participation in decision-making roles within the framework of Jewish organizations and communities in the region.


This program contributed to strengthening the joint work of JDC and CLAM, and put on the agenda a relevant subject for the life of Latin American communities.

The meeting took place in venues of the Lamroth Hakol community, in Fundación Nuevo Hogar LeDor VaDor (New Nursing Home LeDor VaDor), and Sociedad Hebraica Argentina (Hebraica Argentine Society).

Several months after the meeting, the network keeps on strengthening day by day, and new, permanent exchanges occur between participants.