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LEATID is the Training and Development area of the Latin American office of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee.

LEATID’s mission is to promote the continuity of Jewish life in Latin America through developing and strengthening institutions and communities by training and developing its leaders—professionals and volunteers.


LEATID was created in 1987 as a response to the numerous demands of the Jewish community in the region to rely on highly trained human resources—professionals and lay leaders—to face the challenge of leading Jewish community processes.


Director of LEATID - JDC – Latin America and the Caribbean

Fabiana Grosman

DIRECTOR of LEATID Latam since 2017, Fabiana also works as an independent training and executive development consultant for both corporate and educational organizations.

During the past 18 years, she worked in the area of Human Resources for energy companies. Previously, she developed her professional activity for 12 years in formal and non-formal education projects, particularly within the Jewish community. During that period, she was an educational-organizational consultant for AMIA (Argentine-Israelite Mutual Association), among other institutions.

Fabiana holds a college degree in Educational Psychology and completed postgraduate studies in Human Resources.

Director of Programs JDC – Latin America and the Caribbean

Fabiana Itzcovich

Coordinator of Programs for JDC office – Latin America since 2017, Fabiana is in charge of the coordination of programs of several communities in the region, focusing on assistance to vulnerable communities, innovation and community development.

She worked over 20 years for Jewish community institutions and companies in the field of organizational development processes, cultural change, management processes, facilitation, training and consulting.

Fabiana holds a college degree in Educational Psychology and completed postgraduate studies in Management of Non-profit Organizations and Human Resources. She graduated from the LEATID Directores Program – 3rd Edition.

Regional Director JDC – Latin America and the Caribbean

Sergio Widder

As Director of JDC office for Latin America since 2015, Sergio is in charge of implementing strategic programs in several communities across the region, promoting their comprehensive development and stressing the importance of leadership building and training programs.

Previously, he worked as Director of Simon Wiesenthal Center for the Latin American office for over two decades, since its establishment in Buenos Aires. His main role there was to combat anti-Semitism and to promote initiatives against hatred in the region. One of the most outstanding duties of his role was to help obtain the extradition of Nazis criminals, who had found refuge in Argentina, to be prosecuted in Europe.

Sergio holds a college degree in Political Science and completed postgraduate studies in Development of NGOs.

LEATID Assistant - JDC – Latin America and the Caribbean

Maia Magnetto

By the end of 2017, Maia joined JDC office – Latin America and the Caribbean as LEATID Assistant, collaborating with community leadership training and development.

In recent years, she has served in the public sector, managing and implementing programs with a focus on the design and coordination of quantitative and qualitative studies. During that period, she also worked in multilateral agencies, managing projects aimed at the strengthening of institutions.

Maia holds a college degree in Political Science and completed postgraduate studies in Social Anthropology and Sustainable Development.

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