DIRECTORES – Kaplan Fellows @LEATID is a management training program for leading community organizations.

Through DIRECTORES – Kaplan Fellows @LEATID, we seek to provide distinctive concepts for Jewish organizational life, promote leadership, innovation and strategic vision, and create a professional network for exchanging and enriching Jewish community life both regionally and globally.

The program runs for two years and combines face-to-face and virtual meetings.

DIRECTORES is aimed at professionals living in Latin America and the Caribbean, and as of this edition our outreach is global, integrating the KAPLAN LEADERSHIP INITIATIVE.

It includes a week-long face-to-face meeting during the second year of the program at the “Spertus Institute for Jewish Learning and Leadership” in Chicago, together with participants of similar programs across the world, where JDC has an active presence.


  • To offer management tools for the leadership of community organizations.
  • To provide concepts and distinctive approaches of Jewish organizational life.
  • To encourage and empower community talent.
  • To boost leadership, innovative and strategic vision skills.
  • To create a network of professionals who will promote exchange for the sake of the development and enrichment of community life in the region.


College Graduates
Those who currently hold professional leadership positions in Latin American Jewish organizations and/or communities.
Inglés ( Nivel Avanzado)
Between 25 and 35 years old (non-exclusive)
Jewish education
Hebrew (non-exclusive)




Jonathan Cohen
Institutional Management Coordinator - Hogar LeDor VaDor

I would like to highlight the “DIRECTORS Kaplan Fellows @LEATID” program the value of the diversity of experiences of each fellow, the content, the network that is formed from a space that consolidates relationships between the participants, and the knowledge of each community in if you.

Alejandro Abramovich
Executive Director - Hebraica Peru

“DIRECTORS Kaplan Fellows @LEATID” allowed me to incorporate theory and content into a management job that I have been doing for more than 20 years. The program offers the possibility of nourishing you with leadership and management tools, where each of the participants develops the ability to become those tools, perfecting them according to the needs of each role.

Raquel Markus
Coordinator of Cultural activities - Club Hebraica Caracas

The “DIRECTORS Kaplan Fellows @LEATID” program has given me the opportunity to meet and challenge myself, overcoming my personal fears and insecurities to learn, experiment, interact and continue my growth as a person and as a professional in an accelerated way. I am learning ways of thinking, feeling and living very different from those that exist in my community and in my environment, which enriches my horizons and opens my possibilities and expectations. It has been a true enrichment, growth and learning experience.


LEATID is the Training and Development area of JDC—American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee—Latin American Office. WWW.LEATIDLATAM.ORG.
LEATID’s mission is the training of leaders—professionals and volunteers—in order to strengthen institutions and communities for the sake of the continuity and development of Jewish life in Latin America.

It is a two-year-long—face-to-face and virtual—leadership training program aimed at professionals who work for Jewish organizations in Latin America and the Caribbean.
Its mission is to increase the skills of professionals for current and future senior leadership roles in the region’s Jewish community organization in a global context.
It constitutes a field of academic reflection and professional learning on institutional leadership as a way of contributing to the development, innovation and richness of community life.

The program is aimed at college graduate professionals aged between 25 and 40, who hold professional leadership positions in Jewish institutions and/or communities in LatAm and the Caribbean

Between 25 and 40 years old, non exclusive.

Yes. This program is aimed at professionals who work in community organizations in LatAm and the Caribbean with at least five years of experience in leadership positions.

The program is aimed at professionals who are currently working in Jewish community institutions in LatAm and the Caribbean with at least five years of experience in leadership positions.

Each edition of DIRECTORES lasts two years, during which time there will be four four-day-long face-to-face seminars each. Besides, during the second semester of the second year, the program will include a week at Spertus Institute in Chicago, USA. Throughout the program, there will also be several virtual meetings and assignments to work either individually and/or in teams.

Regional face-to-face meetings last four days and will be held in venues to be specified, thus travel time should be considered. Moreover, in October 2019, participants will attend a cross-regional one-week-long meeting at Spertus Institute for Jewish Learning and Leadership in Chicago. As for virtual activities, participants should be available to fulfill individual and team assignments with other participants, interact with their coaches/mentors, read all the materials assigned by their instructors, and attend webinars, among other activities.

To obtain this information, please send a message to . JDC subsidizes a part of the total cost. The remaining amount is partly in charge of the organization that promotes the participant and the rest is in charge of the participant himself/herself.

Vacancies for participating in the program are limited. Those who are interested in participating must fill out an application form (https://leatidlatam.orglatam/directores/#form-programa), send their CV and a recommendation letter written by the President and the Executive Director of the organization (or equivalent) where they work. Upon the registration deadline, January 2018, the selection process for this edition will begin.

Those who are interested in participating must fill out the application form (https://leatidlatam.orglatam/directores/#form-programa), send their CV and a recommendation letter written by the President and Executive Director of the institution, will have an interview (either face-to-face or via Skype) with one or more leadership members of the office of JDC in the region. After the initial selection process has been completed, the following step will consist of a face-to-face or Skype interview with a professional specialized in selection and admission processes. Applicants will undergo a brief English language assessment test.
After each stage is completed, we will inform each applicant about the results.

Those who are interested in participating must fill out the application form (LINK), send their CV and a recommendation letter written by the President and Executive Director (or equivalent) of the institution where they work.

The first of the face-to-face meetings will be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, from April 23 to 26, 2018. The global meeting will be held in Spertus Institute in Chicago in October 2019. The venue for the rest of the regional meetings will be specified as the date of each meeting draws nearer.


The contents of the program are organized in two dimensions.
On the one hand, they will be grouped according to meetings; each face-to-face seminar will have a core topic. On the other hand, the following development axes run through the program: Judaism, Community, Management, Leadership.

The certificate of attendance is a proof of the participation in the program, but it is not a graduate degree.
The diploma will be issued by JDC, and the signature of Spertus Institute for Jewish Learning and Leadership of Chicago will be stamped upon it. We are engaged in a dialog with a prestigious university for the teaching of part of the curriculum.

Yes. This program is aimed at professionals who work in Jewish community institutions of LatAm and the Caribbean with at least five years of experience in leading positions.

It is not necessary to have any Hebrew language skills.

Yes. It is a requirement to have a good command of English to be able to understand and to communicate with instructors and colleagues. In fact, the global seminar in the Spertus Institute in Chicago will be held in English, without any translation, together with participants of programs equivalent to DIRECTORES from around the world. Besides, throughout the whole program, there will be virtual activities and reading material that may be in English.

To participate in the program it is not necessary to have received any Jewish education in elementary school or high school.

No, though we are thinking about carrying out some sort of activity with the alumni of previous editions.

Since the program has some face-to-face meetings, where attendees will participate intensely, it is important to attend each one of them. Nevertheless, we reserve the right to consider each case.

The face-to-face seminars in 2018 will be as follows:
Regional Seminar #1: Monday 23 to Thursday 26 of April.
Regional Seminar #2: Monday 12 to Thursday 15 of November.
The dates of face-to-face seminars in 2019 will be specified in the forthcoming months.
The first regional seminar will be held during the first semester of the year. The global seminar will be in October 2019 in Chicago and will last a full week. For the closing of the program, there will be a last shorter regional meeting before the end of 2019.

If you have any questions, you can contact us by writing to